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Elizabethan Era
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The fine arts also took great strides.

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When Queen Elizabeth I was the Queen, Nicholas Hilliard was considered as the most widely recognized figure in the field of fine arts. Also George Gower also started to make making his mark in fine arts. Their work defined the London Theater during the Elizabethan era. The era was also marked by exploration , expansion and the advancement of science and technology. The era saw the significant contributions of astronomers Thomas Digges and Thomas Harriot.

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This was also the time of exploration. And much of the advancement in exploration can be traced to Sir Francis Drake , the person that circumnavigated the globe from to The era saw Martin Frobisher explored the Arctic, and this era was also the time when the first attempt for an English settlement in America was tried, the colony of Roanoke Island.

The Elizabethan Period-short Introduction

The era also made marks in technological innovation. This was the era when the first spring-suspension coach was crafted and used and replaced the litters and the carts. The coaches then became fashionable and became the sports car of the next century.

The era was generally called peaceful as the battles between the Protestants and the Catholics and that between the Parliament and the Monarchy have subsided. He was a playwright and actor and wrote many poems and plays.

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He also dramatised significant events from the past, but he did not focus solely on kings and queens. He was one of the first to portray ordinary English men and women.

Daily Life in the Elizabethan Era

Lines from his plays and poems which are often still quoted include:. Many people regard Shakespeare as the greatest playwright of all time. His plays and poems are still performed and studied in Britain and other countries today. The Globe Theatre in London is a modern copy of the theatres in which his plays were first performed.

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You can find out more about the Life in the UK test, and about applying for British Citizenship here:. The Elizabethan period. In , the predominantly Protestant Scottish Parliament abolished the authority of the Pope in Scotland and Roman Catholic religious services became illegal. Exploration, poetry and drama The Elizabethan period in England was a time of growing patriotism: a feeling of pride in being English.

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Before you take the Life in the UK test, make sure you understand: How and why religion changed during the Elizabethan period The importance of drama and poetry at this time. Downloads Transcript. More like this Life in the UK Test. Reading - General understanding.

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Historians since the s have explored many facets of the social history, covering every class of the population. Visit this site dedicated to providing information about the facts, history and people of the Elizabethan mcilthediberg.tk and accurate facts about the Elizabethan Era.

Reading - Identify specific information. Comments Think of a country you know well. Who was the ruler of that country in , the year Elizabeth I became queen?

Who were the famous poets and writers around this time?